Welcome to Nell's House, at Hafta' Mosey Farm. My husband Harold and I live on this fifty acre farm outside the sleepy town of Shelby, NC. My mother-in-law Nell has Alzheimers and suffered a stroke five years ago leaving her totally dependent upon our care. She moved in with us leaving her house empty. We kept asking ourselves, "What am we going to do with Nell's house?"

When we first considered converting Grandma Nell's house into an overnight rental, I was not thinking of it as a writer's retreat. The land is gorgeous. The farm has amazing: rolling hills with natural springs, fruit trees, pasture, garden, and horses.

If you write anything like I do, you may need a place to get away from the phones and day to day activities. I know it helps me to block out the world and tune into my thoughts.

While cleaning it for a recent guest, the house shouted out to me, "Writers retreat!!" I have rented a few places myself where I could clear my thoughts before facing a blank page of my next book or unwritten articles.
Everyone comes to Nell's House for their own reasons. Whatever your reason, when you come here, expect to be invited into your own quiet world of creativity, and be among friends who understand.

We give you the space you need, or the company of a nearby friend if needed. You can stay up late in the night to bathe in the light of the stars, or you can sleep in late in this peacefully quiet neighborhood.

We hope we get the chance to welcome you to Nell's House soon.

Writers Retreat :Nell's Farm House, Shelby NC - Overnight Lodging
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